Storm Damage & Emergency Repairs

Emergencies happen! Rain, wind, and ice all take a toll on your roof and usually at the worst time. In many cases, you only notice roof damage when you get a leak but shingles can also get blown off on a windy day. Here are some steps to take if you find yourself with a roof emergency:

Mitigate the Damage – once you notice a leak or other damage, the important thing to do is mitigate any further damage by covering up the roof to seal off the leak or to prevent shingles from being blown away. If you file an insurance claim it may not cover damage that occurred after you noticed a leak or other primary damage.

J.C. Kaller can help by tarping your roof, breaking up ice dams, as well as other steps to keep your problem from getting worse. Homeowner’s insurance will usually cover mitigation work.

We can then get you a detailed written description of the damage and an estimate to repair it or replace your roof.

Insurance? – Decide whether you want to file an insurance claim. If you do, you should either call your insurance company, or you can call a public adjuster who will work on your behalf to get the best settlement. In either case, get your policy information together. If you use an adjuster, they can walk you through the next steps. If not, call your insurance company.

Have J.C. Kaller present – When the insurance adjuster schedules his visit, please have us present to make sure the adjuster sees all the damage and understands what is needed to repair it. A public adjuster will offer the same service, but it can’t hurt having a professional roofer, like us, present and on your side.

Get the Work Done – Once the claim is settled, call us to get the work finished so you don’t have to worry about your problem getting worse. We stand behind our work!

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